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    Our team works hard to ensure that you enjoy a relaxing stay during your vacation in Mozambique.
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    1. About this site

    Mozambique Tourz (MozTourz) is a German based travel agency focussed on offering you the best travel experience while in Mozambique and Southern Africa.

    With so many destinations and tours to choose from in Mozambique it can be hard to find the best itinary for your budget. We work nonstop to create the best itineraries for our Mozambique tours, so you can experience as much as possible during your stay. By using our services, you will enjoy the best deals from carefully selected business partners, while knowing that everything will run smoothly on arrival.

    We cover all aspects, from day trips to shuttles, packages and help to make sure you get what you want out of your trip.

    Please note that we don’t offer any immediate sales but rather act as a service provider who puts you in touch with the local agents.

    2. Who we are

    We work closely with the local commuities in Mozambique ensuring that the profits stay in the country with its people. On top we only work in the locations where we are 100% confident we can guarantee your safety and enjoyment.

    We traveled the region extensively to find the best vacation sites in Mozambique and tested all activities ourselves. Each location and activity is handpicked to make sure it will provide everything you need for your Mozambique travel holiday.

    3. Our different tour providers

    Originally German born and educated, Mozambique Tourz has been travelling the world for over 15 years, always looking for unspoilt locations We thrive on exploring unique destinations that are inspiring and leave no desire to ever leave your vacation.

    All our tours are European or South African owned with a long history of offering quality customer service and safety.

    Most of our tour guides are locals with a deep knowledge and real passion for their work.

    4. Contact Us

    Please direct all enquiries to

    Our principles

    Personal Service

    We take time for our customers and their needs and offer a personalized service tailored to individual needs.

    Close Customer Binding

    We are there for our customers and strive for long-term customer relationships. We know the destinations and tours by heart and can offer you the best possible experience.

    Local guides

    Together with our local travel guides we put together an unforgettable tour that is specifically desgined for you.