Discover the South African Bush on a walking safari

    Adventurers and nature lovers will love this bushwalking safari experience on the border of Kruger Nationalpark.
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    Did you know that Kruger is only a three hours drive away from Maputo?

    A bushwalking safari through the South African bush is an unforgettable experience: The three day walking safaris take you away from the modern day hassle and bustle of civilization into blissful nature. Each day is spent walking through the 8,000 hectare reserve in the Greater Kruger National Park. You will observe countless wild animals such as elephants, giraffes, hippos as well as buffalos and learn a lot about tracking and territorial behavior of the animals in Africa. While others line up in well-known national parks to watch the wildlife from jeeps, you’ll walk through the real deal, following in the footsteps of wild, free-living animals!

    South Africa is home to some of the largest mammals in the world: elephants, giraffes, hippos, buffalo and rhinos live in the national parks. There are also countless lions, leopards, crocodiles, zebras, antelopes, kudu, wildebeest, waterbucks as well hyenas and much more t be admired.


    Location of the bushwalking safari

    The Maseke Balule Nature Reserve in northeastern South Africa belongs to the world famous Greater Kruger National Park in Limpopo province. The best way to get there is from the towns of Hoedspruit or Phalaborwa.


    Lots of animals, few tourists

    Despite its open borders with Kruger Park, Maseke Balule is a private, 8,000-hectare park to the Kruger National Park. Accordingly, Balule attracts fewer tourists – with the same amount of animals.

    Accompanied by two trained professional rangers, guests will hike through the bushland. They follow the tracks of animals and are rewarded with undisturbed grazing animals.

    Each night is spent at a new, fully set up mobile campsite in a scenic location.


    Best season for a visit

    The average temperature ranges from 24 degrees in July to 31 degrees in January. In winter, however, it can be especially cold at night and temperatures can drop below zero. In summer between November and February, mosquitoes are a real scourge and there are quite a few thunderstorms.

    Fall and autumn in the months of October and April is therefore best suited for a bushwalking tour.


    Your Bushwalking Safari Packing List

    ✓ No bright colors

    ✓ 2-3 T-shirts & 2 sweaters plus long & short pants each

    ✓ Rain jacket in summer

    ✓ Comfortable hiking boots

    ✓ Sunscreen, sunglasses & hat against the sun

    ✓ Insect Spray

    ✓ Powerbank (there is no electricity in the camps)

    ✓ Flashlight


    A Typical day might look like this

    05h30 – Wake up to coffee and rusks, and kit up in walking gear. Start hike.
    09h00 – Rest stop and breakfast. Continue with walk.
    12h00 – Drive to next camp, where lunch will be served. Settle into camp life.
    15h00 – The afternoon activity will either be another walking expedition, game drive or combination of both.
    19h00 – Return to camp, enjoy refreshments around the fire before dinner is served.

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