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    Choose one of our custom made Mozambique packages in order to get the best our of your trip in Southern Africa.

    5 Days Underwater Magic

    Combine 4 nights accomodation in Tofo with a snorkel tour & 2 scuba dives & 1 Day Trip in a traditional Dhow – for only 499 USD.

    Experience The Big 5 On Land And On Sea

    The best on land and water, you will experience the ultimate wildlife adventure with our “Wilderness Excess” Trip in Southern Africa – for only 1,450 USD.

    Coming Soon

    Our „Mozambican Wilderness“ Retreat is a transformative programme that has been specifically designed to rewild your body and mind through our state of approach. Our contemporary lifestyles have made us humans sedentary, so most of us need a little help getting back to our natural state.

    If you want to reboot unhealthy patterns or just become a fitter person while enjoying the great outdoors, this Mozambique package is just for you!

    You Want To Plan Your Own Mozambique Packages?

    Below you find our most popular destinations. They can help you choose a focal point for your trip. Click on the images for more information about the recommended tours, activities, hotels and nearby sites that each destination has to offer.

    FAQs About Our Mozambique Packages

    Why should I book pre-made packages?

    Our packages are carefully designed to match the most common needs of an individual or group. These packages are fully flexible and only serve as a blueprint, so you can make amendments wherever you see fit.

    How do I edit a package?

    This is easy: Simply inquire about one of our readymade itineraries.  We will help you to arrange everything in the most sensible way. We do the work and you have the fun during your dream vacation in Southern Africa!

    Where do you get your offers from?

    We research the best travel offers on selected tour operator pages. We are independent and make sure that not only the price but also the quality is right for you. Furthermore, we only recommend trips that we have bookedmand tested ourselves. For a complete list of the best tour packages and day tours, just use our destination catalog and special packages.

    Can I just book one item?

    If you are looking for standalone items to add to your wishlist no worries! Have a look at our destination deals. There, you will find all available activities in all of the most popular locations, so it can help you decide where to go.

    How do I book?

    As soon as you send the enquiry email, one of our experts will get in touch with you to ensure nothing has been missed. We will suggest adjustments to make sure that your travel package fits your preferences and needs.

    Changes to travel dates and transfers

    If you have made a mistake while booking your tours, then contact our service center immediately. This is the only way to ensure that changes are usually made free of charge. If you want to rebook a trip on another date or rewrite it to another traveler, this is usually possible for a fee that varies depending on the tour operator.

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